Journey Through Time


The Corner Brook Museum and Archives relies heavily on its volunteers to assist in the delivery of its programs. Volunteers are trained so interaction with visitors creates a sense of achievement and satisfaction. There is opportunity for personal growth through training, social contacts and various cultural and historical events. Students can learn skills and work habits that will serve them well in the future. Retired people can find a new niche or revive forgotten skills, maintaining that sense of involvement that keeps us young and active!

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for supplying the right volunteer to specific projects, as requested by the curator. To handle these requests, the Coordinator has a database with pertinent information on registered volunteers, along with their skills and interests. When a request is made, volunteers are contacted and, if they are interested and possess the qualifications, they are assigned to the project. This ensures a good service, a good fit and museum and volunteer satisfaction.

To become a member of the volunteer group, contact the museum at:

(709) 634-2518

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