Journey Through Time


Artifacts of a varied nature can be found at the Corner Brook Museum & Archives. Many of our exhibits focus on the development of various industries in the area, such as the pulp and paper industry, forestry/logging and the fishery, and their effects in the shaping of the surrounding lives and communities. Other exhibits focus on the military history of the region, the aboriginal presence in this part of the island, as well as the area's cultural, social and natural history.

A more detailed list of what we exhibit follows.


Cartographic Materials (Maps, Charts, etc.)
Textual Records (Census Materials, Encyclopedia of Newfoundland, Local Literature, Blueprints, etc.)
Photographs, Sketches, Paintings
Audio/Video Recordings
And much more...
Decorative Arts

Costumes and Uniforms
Musical Instruments

Human History

Communications & Entertainment (radios, gramophones, telegraphs)
Marine History (fishing nets, weigh scales, navigation equipment, etc.)
Forestry (chainsaws, forest fire-fighting equipment, pulp to paper, etc.)
Domestic (cast-iron pots, oil lamps, hair perming units, butter churns, etc.)
Aboriginal Peoples (Beothuck, Innu & Innuit, Metis, Mi'kmaw, Paeleo-Eskimo)
Local Law Enforcement (history of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, the museum building itself - previously the town courthouse, etc.)
Medical (The story of Dr. O'Connell, Dr. Noel Murphy, history of the area's hospitals)
Military (WW1, WW11, Korean Conflict, Peace Keeping, First 200, 166th Newfoundland Regiment, War Brides, Home Guard, Forestry Corps, Merchant Navy)
Recreation & Sport (wooden skis, sleighs, wooden roller-skates, clip-on skates, an 80-year-old bicycle, local sporting events and festivals, etc.)
Social History (Confederation and it's effects locally, Captain Cooks' cartographic journey, the amalgamation of the City of Corner Brook, etc.)

Natural History

Biological Collections (common and endangered species).
Botanical Collections (commonly found native and invading flora).
Earth Sciences (Earth's geological history, mineral collections, small fossils)

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